Clemence Seilles
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70.5 x 49.5 x 47 cm each
Total weight : 24 kg

Product Info

CREWS SERIES is a new concept of chair assortment for this summer 2019. Each four chairs set carries its special character within a dynamic and cutting-edge selection; standing out for their own design and personality. Each set reflects a moving and singular spirit, corresponding to characters and atmospheres. The materials mix remain the characteristic of Clemence Seilles' approach, bringing together in one object unusual and harmonious tensions. CREWS gives then multiple flavors, lives and uses to your interior.

Mexico Crew: a unique volcanic ensemble whose delicate metalwork recalls the traditional Mexican work with a modern flavor borrowed to Scandinavian design 

It comes with:

4 DKMX Volcánica (Seating in volcanic stone. Tube base in powder coated steel.)